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Accountancy Bucharest

We are located in the Alba Iulia square.

ceccar.pngStarting year 2009, Conta Radulescu is member C.E.C.C.A.R (Chamber of Certified Accountants and Authorized Accountants of Romania).


acca.jpgElena Radulescu  ACCA candidate
- Final Stage

apec.jpgProfessional Association of Economists and Accountants of Romania

CAFR - CandidateCAFR.png

money-back.jpgYou want to outsource your company's accountancy in Bucharest?
Looking for serious professionals and money back 100% guaranteed?

We offer you full accounting services based on tax legal and financial consultancy perfectly connected to Romanian legislation.

With a central office and two branches in Bucharest we offer you professional reliable accounting services

Do you need a good reason to chose us? We offer you 5 reasons:

  • Over 5 years of experience in accountancy, statutory audit and IFRS reporting.
  • 50% discount from the price for the first contractual month - because we are close to you in the recession period of Romanian economy.
  • Own courier system for accounting documents - because we appreciate the value of your time Monthly financial/accounting activity report, dedicated to managers, for the monthly analysis of company's activity.
  • These reports represent an important vector of analysis of advantages that arise at some points in company' life, but also of problems that the company can face. Encountering them at the time they arise, helps you direct company' activity on a controlled growing trend - because we care about our clients and their success.
  • Assistance provided to the client, in relation with bookkeeping activity (in case the client chooses to keep in house accounting) - because we know that only a successful collaboration will contribute to the establishment of work procedures, defined by an organized and well structured environment.

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