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Accountancy Bucharest

Financial accounting is described by the record of all operations related to assets, equity and liabilities of businesses, measuring movements that affect it, calculation and defining of financial results, preparation of financial statements, that must ensure a fair presentation to the external users of financial information.

How to choose your best accounting company?
We are convinced that as a manager, there are some decisions that need to be taken regarding the externalization of several financial accounting services. In order to gain as much efficiency as possible, there are some answers that have to receive a positive answer when decisions are taken:
Will I receive professional assistance regarding the levels of taxation and will I be advised about the best tax solution applicable to my company?

Will my documents be always ready to be double checked by me or any other tax/bank authority, as we all know that the waste of time can sometimes mean waste of business?

Will I be regularly informed about the debts and receivables status of my Company, as my activity does not allow me to follow closely these financial figures?

Our answer would be YES. You will receive all this guidance and consultancy, as a basic service in our collaboration.

With an over 5 years’ experience in accountancy and audit we as founders - desired to bring a new wave in the financial economic environment.

We are convinced that only a good management of resources is the key to success, so that we directed all our efforts towards the quality of services that meets our client’s interest

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