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Accounting company

Accounting companies offer accounting services, being founded by certified accountants as majority shareholders.
Accountancy can be organized and conducted on the basis of service contracts by authorized accounting companies or by authorized individuals who are certified by the professional body, as certified accountants or authorized accountants, respectively, and are responsible in front of the law.

The desire to have a growing business, involves besides enthusiasm and the awareness of new responsibilities, choices and options that we have and we need to explore.
As a result we start the selection of available options in the business and we base our decisions on a review of the legal form of company (Corporation or Individual), establish the type of society, and choose the base of taxation that best fits our field of business.

All these choices we can make on our own or we can reach to a professional in order to advise us, this way sparing time and money with wrong and defective decisions.
Depending on the specifics of each firm we will choose the appropriate legal form in order to avoid payment of additional taxes and inefficient investment of funds in projects doomed to failure.

Basically from an accountant we expect:
To help us actively in the decision making process by correct and reliable answers in connection with the Romanian legislation and tax provisions;
To inform us at the right moment about our debts and receivables;

To give us correct information related to taxes as well as advise us how to maintain a good and prosperous financial activity.
If your accountant is not well informed and not interested in your company’s activity you can have the certainty that your business will not grow as planned.

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