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Accounting Services

Our accounting team is composed by graduates of Bucharest University of Economic Research.
Our accounting services are based on a strongly designed procedure that contains as a basis for the record of economical transactions, primary documents overview and preparation of supplementary list of monthly documents necessary for a correct and fair view over your financial status.
Below are described some important information related to primary accounting documents and evidence.
The objective of accounting documents is chronological and systematic record of realized transactions.

Accounting data on documents is made in ink, pen, typewriter or using computers.

 Any errors that might occur are corrected by a strike trough line on wrong numbers or text, over which is rewritten the correct number or text. Correction is performed on all original copies and confirmed by signature of the person who made the correction stating when this was done.

Corrections are not allowed in documents that represent the basis for cash receipt or payment.
In deliver-reception operations, any errors will be confirmed by signature by the person who delivers as well as by the person who receives.

The relationship between primary documents and accountancy is determined by a two way direction. On the one hand all documents are recorded in accountancy reflecting this way a synthetic image of all operations, and on the other hand all accounting records must be based on a accounting documents.

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