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Agreed Upon Procedures

We provide the following services related to accounting procedures, managerial and financial analysis:

  • IFRS Reporting of financial information (International accounting standards), under group reporting format, from Romanian Balance sheet.
  • Reports for Company's financial analysis (cash flow, profitability, investment analysis).
  • Construction of income and expense Budget
  • Construction of feasibility studies for the financing resources plan presentation.
  • Expenses analysis and reconciliation with appropriate income recorded in order to engage specific expenses.
  • Investment Recover-ability period analysis, calculations for profit margins/ratios, related to expenses cash income and expenditures.
  • Calculations for present values of future investment or future cash inflows.
  • Balance sheet consolidation for group companies and presentation in consolidated balance sheet.
  • External accounting reporting if the specific of the economical activity imposes such for external partners, suppliers or clients.
  • Reconstruction of accounting bookkeeping.
  • Income statement financial analysis.
  • Companies cash flow analysis
  • Financial consultancy and credit, leasing analysis.

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