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Basic services

Accountancy can be conducted in different ways, but only one is the correct one. The difference is given by the avoidance of tax dangers for your company, in tax inspections executed by legal authorities. You can avoid unpleasant penalties resulting from unprofessional accountancy.

Due to the major importance that a fair and correct way of taking over an accountancy, insurance of continuity and comparability of past information has in the accounting system, our services are basically based on specific situations and details from past, details that define your company's activity from accounting point of view.


Basic package – accounting services:

  • Introduction of initial data, necessary in a take over process (opening balances, movements, partners closing balances, receivables and payable balances).
  • Research concerning statement’s submitting status, as well as company's tax review, at the date of take over and periodically during collaboration process.
  • Checking for complete information provided by client, necessary for a correct introduction in accountancy.
  • Preparation of request list for additional information in case it is necessary.
  • Analytical evidence for receivables and payable.
  • Fixed assets records and depreciation calculation.
  • Chronological and logical economical transactions record. x
  • Preparation of the general, inventory and VAT – acquisition and sale ledgers.
  • Preparation of Balance sheet, all monthly checks and finalization of all closing month activities.
  • Submitting at fiscal authorities of monthly statements and VAT returns.
  • Certification and submitting of half year/annual Balance Sheet at Tax Authorities.
  • Accounting evidence of salaries including payroll, monthly statements and annual employee revenue reports.
  • Assistance in completion of stock inventory procedures.


If the specific of your activity does not meet exactly above described services, we would like to draw the attention that this is only informative services. We also offer accounting and payroll services for the following types of companies: Associations, Authorized Individuals, Lawyer civil associations, Family Enterprises, etc.

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