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Why choosing us?

Our objective is to succeed in the process of making from accounting system a good way to understand the financial stage of your company, an effective measure to take the right decisions and a good guiding towards an effective analysis designed to establish the future direction of your business.

Our mission is to provide continuity, prompt and professional training in financial accounting services.

Being always near you:

  • We will analyze new business opportunities, we will relate them to legal and fiscal environment.
  • We will contribute to the outsourcing of accounting system that will influence your budget in a substantial reduction in personnel costs.
  • We will provide explanations, advices, financial advices in areas you confront with � because we desire to be an active partner for your business.
  • We will explain what represents your company's accountancy, which are your duties as well as advantages offered by Romanian legislation, so that your relationship with Romanian authorities remains always a smooth one.
  • We use systems such as Content Management System - CMS, Customer Relationship Management - CRM or Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP so that you can always be updated with new provisions of the Romanian tax legislation.

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